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Fixing a Running Toilet

Plumbers in NYCOne of the most common plumbing problems in NYC is a problem that doesn't present itself as urgent. Some plumbing problems (like a clogged sink drain, leaky pipes, and water heater problems) need immediate attention, and those situations call for emergency plumbers in NYC, but other problems can be ignored for a long time.

When you flush your toilet you expect everything to work properly, but sometimes it may be broken while still flushing. A very common problem is running water from a flushed toilet. This water doesn't overflow onto your floor, but instead is the result of the back tank not filling properly. When you flush a toilet you can hear the back tank filling back up with water. That should only take 30 seconds to a minute. If you find that water is running continuously or taking a long time to stop then you want to take care of the problem.

The main reason you do not want to ignore this problem is because it costs you money. Most people would rather not hire a plumber to save money, so they deal with the annoying noise of running water. Yes, the noise is reason enough to get the problem fixed, but also consider all the fresh water you are wasting. If you pay for your water bill then this problem will cause your bill to go up. You can end up wasting multiple gallons of water a week with a toilet that doesn't flush correctly. If your toilet leads to a septic tank then even more problems can be found.

The number one cause of this problem is the result of a stuck flapper. When this flap gets stuck open, water will not stop flowing. First, reach in and close the flap with your hand. If you find that this is only a one-time fix then you will want to check a few things.

  • Check to see if the flap is properly aligned with the opening.
  • Is the hinge of the flap still in place?
  • The chain can get caught, which makes it tough or impossible for the flap to close.

If you find that the ball/balloon that is supposed to rest on top of the water line is sunk or sinking then you need to either fix or replace. Sometimes these pieces can take water in, which weighs them down. Remove the ball and empty the water. Hopefully this will work.

Despite the reason causing the problem it is important to not just sit back and let the problem continue. Make sure you toilet is running properly.

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