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The Many Smooth Drains We Encounter

Most people do not think about the different drains that they encounter on a daily basis. When at home and at work, you directly and indirectly benefit from clean flowing drains. There are the drains we use: kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and even slop sinks. Then there are the drains we don't think about: floor drains, yard drains, and basement drains. No matter where the drain is, the smooth flow of water through it is drastically important for your home or business.

For kitchen sinks, there is a strong likelihood that food will get caught in the trap. This requires special tools in order to fix the clog. Even if you are diligent in trying to keep the drain clear there is a strong likelihood that there will be a clog at some point.

Bathroom drains clog, but usually in a different way. Hair becomes a sinister villain for drains whether you have hair on your hear, face, or body. The best of drains stoppers will still let some hair down your drain. There are special tricks that can be used by plumbers who have experience with bathroom drains.

Basement drains (like French drains) should be you safety net when you basement begins to flood, but if they are clogged then what's the point? There are a lot of different things that can clog these drains, including backup from your septic tanks.

Drains that are outside your home are another story all together. Considering there isn't much you can do to combat the elements and weather, your outside drains are bound to fill with dirt, leaves, and other debris that can be harmful to your system. Without taking care of these problems your property or home/building could flood.

Each of the drains on your property has the same function, although they are not set up the same. There is also the distinction between types of debris that each takes on. Regardless of where or what the drain is, you need it to be running smoothly. We pride ourselves in being able to handle a wide array of different drain issues for both commercial and residential properties. Each property and drain is different, and we want to bring our expertise to you. We are professional and licensed plumbers in NYC

Emergency Services

NYC Plumbing and Heating provides Emergency Plumbing and heating Services in NYC. 24/7 Emergency Service by Our Fully Trained and Proficient Emergency Maintenance Engineers are available 24 Hours 7 Days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems.
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