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Trying to Avoid an Emergency Plumber in NYC, New York

24 Plumbers in New YorkThere is no shortage of plumbing problems to be found in Manhattan, NY, and we want to help give you a few options for keeping your own pipes clean. Nobody wants to have to call an emergency plumber in NYC. There are two types of drain cleaning methods that you as an individual can try: chemical and mechanical. It is important for an individual to know the distinctions between the options, so that you can keep your plumbing running smoothly without hiring professional help. Different methods are used for different scenarios. Below are the major distinctions between chemical and mechanical cleaning.

When you think of chemical cleaners, you should think of the cleaners you can pick up at a grocery or hardware store. These are the agents you pour down your drain in order to have them clean out clogs. There are two major types of these chemicals: alkaline and acidic. Both do not work the same, and as such it is important to know when to use the right one. When you use alkaline cleaners they create foam. This foam is supposed to eat away at the mess that is clogging your pipes. These cleaners can dissolve hair, so it has special purpose in bathrooms. You must be careful because sometimes these products need to be mixed, and if you mix amounts incorrectly then they might not work properly. An acidic cleaner, on the other hand, might find better use in kitchens because it dissolves fats and food products. These cleaners do not need to get mixed, but each cleaner has its own instructions on the back (make sure you read the full instructions). They are however, a bit more dangerous, meaning that you will not want to get the liquid on your skin, mouth, or eyes.

Chemicals can potentially work wonders, but that doesn't mean they will work every time. If you come to the point where the chemicals aren't working then you can use mechanical tools to unclog drains. Also, at your local hardware store, you can get a small plumbing snake. These tools are inexpensive, and can work wonders. The plumbing snake has a long metal wire that spins to break up all clogs. If you find that you are having clogs on a frequent or semi-frequent basis then it may make sense to buy a plumbing snake. Using a lot of chemicals constantly on your pipes can begin to aroid the pipes.        

If both options don't work then you need to call an emergency plumber in NYC, NY. An emergency plumber will be able to fix your pipes any time of the day. Clogs in pipes could potentially lead to floods, so you must correct the problem quickly.

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