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What to do about a Leaky Toilet

There are many different problems that can occur with the plumbing in a home or office. Whether it is the kitchen sink, toilet, or shower, a problem can disrupt normal behavior and a daily routine. People shouldn't have to suffer with the discomfort of partially or fully broken plumbing. Sometimes the problems can be minor and only lead to slight discomfort, but sometimes problems can be big and severe. Regardless of the size of the problem, a plumber should be called sooner than later. A big problem can do irreparable damage to the structure of the room (this includes mold, warped floors, ruined wallpaper, and problems with the piping in your home or office). If you search out someone to help you when the problem occurs, you can avoid having to call for emergency plumbing in NYC (although emergency plumbing is available 24/7 in Manhattan).

When dealing with toilets, there are a few common problems that most people have to deal with. Below we will be highlighting some of the most common problem for leaky toilets. If you notice you are suffering from one of these problems then call a plumber immediately.

When your toilet has a slow leak from the tank to the bowl, a plumber calls this problem a phantom flush. This problem will manifests with a sound that seems like your toilet is flushing when no one is flushing. A compromised flapper usually causes this problem. The flapper is what regulates the flow of water from the tank to the bowl. Although this problem isn't ruining your floors, it will absolutely drive up the cost of your water bill.

A float, a refill tube, a ballcock, and an inlet-valve are all parts that make up the inside of the back tank of a toilet. If one of these components breaks it can lead to water trickling into the tank from the inlet valve. This problem will also present itself with a distinct and unique sound. If you hear your toilet making a hissing noise, most likely your problem is a result of a broken piece in the tank. Like the problem above, this will lead to an increased water bill.

There are other big problems that can cause leaks with your toilet, and it is important to identify them and get them fixed. Trust a professional, and you can have plumbing that works perfectly.

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