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Do you have a plumbing problem and are having trouble finding a decent plumbing contractor? You won't have to look any longer as NYC Plumbing and Heating has reliable, licensed plumbers to help with all your plumbing needs!

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When We Say Free We Really Mean It

When we say FREE ESTIMATE we truly mean it. It is only fair to know how much your plumbing problem will run you, and we want to be able to give you that info with no strings attached. To often we have heard stories of plumbers claiming they offer free estimates, but really that is not the case. Sometimes a plumber will charge you a for a service call for a "free estimate," and that isn't right.

Another big issue we see with these calls is that the plumbers usually try to sell you right then and there without letting you think about what to do or other options. To us this doesn't constitute a free estimate. The point of a free estimate is to tell you how much it would cost to fix the problem without selling you anything or charging you for services. We adamantly believe in honest in business, and so we stand behind the offers we give.

You shouldn't have to live with plumbing problems, and a lot of the time fixes are a lot simpler and cheaper than you initially imagine.  Getting a free quote could be the first step to having working plumbing again. If you feel your sink is draining slowly or your toilet isn't flushing as well then that is the beginning stages of a problem. Waiting for the problem to resolve will only ensure that things get substantially worse. It is highly recommended that you call for a quote as soon as you begin to see an issue.

If you decided to wait the problem out then chances are you'll be calling for emergency plumbing and not a free quote. The emergency plumbing we offer it top-notch, 24/7/365, and extremely affordable, but still it's usually more expensive than if you called for a quote when the problem was small. We are a leading emergency plumber in NYC, but we'd rather help you avoid an emergency.

If you feel like you are having some sort of plumbing issues then do not hesitate, and call us for a truly 100% free estimate of your plumbing problem.

Emergency Services

NYC Plumbing and Heating provides Emergency Plumbing and heating Services in NYC. 24/7 Emergency Service by Our Fully Trained and Proficient Emergency Maintenance Engineers are available 24 Hours 7 Days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems.
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